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Prayer stabilizes our lives.

Trying to get some life back into this community.

The priest today stressed having stability in one's spiritual life. He compared it to the school building that was being built behind the church. State inspection showed that the soil was unstable, so a company had to come in and place 90 geo-piers to stabilize the soil. The priest said that our lives is like the unstable soil and we try to build upon this soil only to be tossed about and shaken. Prayer is the geo-piers that stabilize the soil and keep us rooted in place. So he challenged the congregation to spend seven minutes each morning with God. Even created a plan to help get us started.

It goes like this: 1/2 Minute - Prayer for Guidance (Psalm 5:3 is a good one)
4 Minutes - Reading the Bible
2 1/2 Minutes - Prayer

For the Prayer time, he told us to think of it as ACTS.
Adoration ~ just worshiping and praising God.
Confession ~ agree with God that you have sinned and wish to be washed clean
Thanksgiving ~ thanking God for anything and everything
Supplication ~ ask God for your petitions, earnestly and humbly.

Of course, the point here is to get in a routine of praying to God every morning for seven minutes. So what are you guys' thoughts of this? Do you pray every morning? Do you take "time-outs" of your day to just sit and communicate with God?

Also this is the second time an add has slipped into the group. Hopefully, the moderator will delete it, or someone will? For I'm not sure how exactly that's done. It just shouldn't be there. This isn't a place for advertisements. xP
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